Welcome to SEK Budapest Preschool!

Preschool helps children develop the social, emotional and pre-academic skills they need to succeed in school and in life. The transition from home to preschool is an important moment in the life of all the children and their families. This is the time of big changes that usually starts with a big dilemma – national or international environment, what is better for my child.

We in SEK Budapest believe that national and international education cannot be separated, so we try to combine them taking the best part from each of them to create our own educational system.

We are confident that your child will be happy and enjoy the first steps into the lifelong process of education and you are invited to follow together with us the rapid changes of your little kids to more mature and more confident individuals.

Our curriculum emphasizes learning skills as well as attitudes. As the children have different needs, interests and developmental levels we try to adjust our curriculum to be responsive to individual differences, but at the same time we provide a structured, nurturing and integrated teaching environment. Your child will be exposed to three languages – Hungarian, English and Spanish, and at the same time to the variety of different cultural backgrounds.

We pay special attention to artistic education; music, dance, drawing are some of the ways for your child to develop creativity.

Sports like swimming, judo, football, ball-games, etc. form part of our extracurricular program.

The role of a preschool teacher is essential in early education, so your child will be guided by a team of experienced, well trained and friendly pre-school teachers. The teaching team also includes a teacher assistant and we also provide educational assistance (special teacher, psychologist and speech therapist).

The school offers a whole variety of services that can help you organize your and your child’s daily routine easier and cover all the individual needs that your child might have. Our offer includes three meals daily with the possibility of a special diet, a school bus upon request, after-school activities, field trips, variety of programs and events like festivals, family days, complete school material, etc.

By choosing SEK Budapest our parents and students choose the specific approach to education that includes uniform, diary, tutorial system, etc. The SEK uniform is the integral part of our educational system. Through the uniform, from an early age your child can identify with the school, respect it and like it. The SEK Diary as a way of communication with parents is used by our teachers, the tutor or the subject teachers. At the same time it is an easy way for you to share with the tutor any specific information about your child that can affect his/her daily routine in the pre-school. The Report Card is another way to keep you informed about the bimonthly progress of your child in all the aspects of school life. We use a simple system that can help you judge how well your child is achieving the listed goals.

Our admission requirements are based on your child’s age and a level of maturity that is necessary to start developing different skills. The child should be between 3 (diaper trained) and 6 years old to enter into our pre-school program. We invite you to make an appointment for the admission, and we will be glad to explain you all the details. We are looking forward to seeing you in SEK Preschool !!!