International Programs

The SEK International Institution offers various International Programmes where its students have the possibility of continuing their studies immersed in the English language and the culture of the host country.

What are the benefits of the programme?

…You will perfect the language in a native language immersion environment.
…You will develop academic, personal and social skills.
…You will enjoy excellent facilities.
…You will use innovative educational technological tools.
…You will live a 100% international experience.
…You will deepen your knowledge of the American or English culture

Study at Boca Prep

Our American school is located in Boca Raton (Florida), surrounded by an exotic subtropical landscape, and has extensive facilities that make the students’ stay unique.

Study at St.John’s

Our British school is located on a hill overlooking the sea in the town of Regency (Sidmouth) Beautiful historic buildings are combined with excellent facilities, including lovely grounds, indoor/outdoor swimming pool, playing fields, sports hall, adventure playground and tennis courts.

Study at SEK Levante

The Levante International School is located in the residential area of Calicanto next to Torrente and Valencia. It has an excellent academic program and sports facilities, SEK Budapest’s students can develop their Spanish skills in a native language environment.

One of our students, Ninon Nagy shared her experiences with us:

“Speaking about the experiences I had in Valencia, Spain throughout the 2 months ISP program fills me with absolute joy. Not only because I like to brag about the huge development my Spanish vocabulary went through, but because it reminds me of how much I grew as a person. 

It would not be true for me to say that at the beginning I was not nervous. I was, very much, way more than I should have been.

The first two weeks were challenging, I had to adapt to the study paste and understand the classes while being away from my family. Here is where the unconditional support of my host family, teachers, and classmates came into place. We picked up where we left off 5 years ago. They were all the same, kind, loving people who grew 40 cm over the years. They treated me as if I’d never left and made sure that all of the things that I was previously worried about never crossed my mind again. 

Every time I think of Valencia, I think of the laughter, the support, the countless hours of studying, and the “second family” I gained.”

InterSEK Cultural and Sports Events

What is InterSEK?

InterSEK is a core part of our Institution, a program that has become a true tradition and is organized every year.

The main goal of the InterSEK is to enrich our students` physical and social development as well as strengthen cultural bonds and friendship, an valuable lesson that works together with everything they learn inside school to create well rounded citizens of the world out of our students.The InterSEK event is an unforgettable and vital experience that all participants will take through all their lives.

Last year the International Levante School welcomed around 200 students from 13 countries of Colleges who are members of the SEK/IES Institutions, to experience an exciting and unique week of living together and participating in sports at the InterSEK 2022.

The delegation of SEK Budapest had a great time at the event and had a wonderful, life-changing experience, and they came home with many medals and good results.

Real Madrid Football Clinic

We are happy to announce that the fantastic Real Madrid Soccer Clinic will be organized again in the 2023/24 school year by the IES team in collaboration with the Real Madrid Foundation.

Due to the success of previous years, the activity will be divided into two sessions: 

Students (boys&girls) aged between 10  and 14: September 2023
Students (boys&girls) aged between 15 and 18: April 2024 

Green Week

Green Week is an International Program which is designed for students ages 12-16 that are enrolled in SEK/IES International Schools. Last year the SEK Budapest Delegation discovered the environmental richness of Costa Rica and its extraordinary natural resources through a program full of activities.

“It was really fun I never imagined going on a “vacation” with school. I learned a bit of spanish aswell and met new friends along the way. Also the host family was very nice and took care of me as of their own.” Roland Tarnócay

“We spent a couple days in Costa Rica within the framework of Green week. It was a great experience, and we got a little experience that how is it like to be with a host family. Everybody was kind and this whole trip was well organised lots of activities and fun.” István Keszi

“I really enjoyed the trip, the host family was very nice they showed me some of Costa Ricas culture, the Green Week’s programs were really interactive and got a lot of experience.” Johanna Fenyő